Herbal Tea

Mint Tea

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  • The consumption of any warm liquid, from tea to hot water with honey, can help with congestion, but peppermint tea boasts a specific benefit, and once again, we have menthol to thank
  • Menthol is a natural decongestant, providing relief from sinus pressure, related to colds and allergies, and the hot liquid can also soothe a sore throat that accompanies seasonal cold symptoms too


  • When we think of the sharp, cool effect of menthol, we don’t necessarily think of a hot cup of tea, but peppermint tea has menthol as a main component, so drinking the tea can cause external sweating, while the menthol cools down your body inside
  • This essentially “breaks” a fever, and can reduce the associated inflammation and discomfort
  • Peppermint oil and peppermint tea have been used for thousands of years to sort out a variety of digestive and gastrointestinal conditions
  • Archaeological evidence actually shows peppermint being used as far back as 10,000 years ago as a dietary supplement
  • Peppermint tea is considered a carminative, meaning that it helps to move gas through the body as it accumulates, rather than causing bloating, cramping, and stomach discomfort
  • The tea also stimulates bile flow to increase the rate and efficiency of digestion and promote healthy bowel movements

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Tulsi Tea

Approx Price: Rs 210 / Pack 
  • If you are in a country like India, you need to use something that keeps the mosquitoes away from you Rub tulsi oil on the exposed areas of your body to keep mosquitoes and other insects away from you
  • Beads made of this plant are considered to have medicinal as well as divine properties
  • It is believed that tulsi protects one from negative influences

  • Tulsi is widely used in Ayurveda for medicinal purposes
  • Eugenol, found in Ocimum sanctum, is believed to be the main constituent responsible for the medicinal properties of the Holy basil
  • The plant has also been found to have antimicrobial properties, thanks to the ursolic acid and carvacrol constituents found in it
  • The antibacterial properties of the Holy basil keep your mouth and teeth free from bacteria
  • Tulsi juice works as an excellent mouth freshener, prevents bad breath, and cures ulcers in the mouth

Cool Herbal Tea

Approx Price: Rs 290 / Pack 
  • Green tea: Made with steamed tea leaves, it has a high concentration of EGCG and has been widely studied
  • Green tea’s antioxidants may interfere with the growth of bladder, breast, lung, stomach, pancreatic, and colorectal cancers; prevent clogging of the arteries, burn fat, counteract oxidative stress on the brain, reduce risk of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, reduce risk of stroke, and improve cholesterol levels.
  • Black tea: Made with fermented tea leaves, black tea has the highest caffeine content and forms the basis for flavored teas, along with some instant teas. Studies have shown that black tea may protect lungs from damage caused by exposure to cigarette smoke. It also may reduce the risk of stroke.
  • White tea: Uncured and unfermented. One study showed that white tea has the most potent anticancer properties compared to more processed teas.
  • Chamomile: The small golden buds of chamomile give many people relief from mild insomnia. Chamomile is the principal ingredient in many 'sleepytime' tea blends. This is because chamomile contains tryptophan, an amino acid known for its tranquilizing effects. When taken as an infusion, these properties act as a relaxant in our bodies and help to promote sleep.
  • Ginger tea: Another great digestive aid, ginger can be used to curb nausea, vomiting or upset stomach due to motion sickness. Make fresh ginger tea by simmering a piece of ginger root on the stove for 10 to 15 minutes add fresh lemon juice and honey when you have a cold for a powerful germ-fighting combination. Beacon also suggests making tea from powdered ginger to ward off a chill.

Cough Care Tea

Approx Price: Rs 300 / Pack 
  • Cough associated with running nose can be relieved by drinking hot water mixed with turmeric
  • Smoke emitting from burnt turmeric serves as a strong expectorant.
  • Chronic cold and cough can be relieved by keeping a small piece of turmeric in mouth all-night
  • Roast the turmeric root and ground it in to powder
  • Take about 1-2 gm of this roasted turmeric powder along with honey thrice a day to obtain relief from dry persistent cough
  • Mix 1-2 tsp of pure curcumin powder in warm milk, mix thoroughly.
  • Using this concoction twice a day offers relief from cough in just two days. This remedy works better for cough caused by bacteria.


  • It is said that when Mother Nature creates a diseases, she also creates the cure
  • The activity of microbes, bacteria, viruses and fungi are at their peak in the Tropics, so most of the medicinal plants to treat those dangerous things are found there too
  • Tea tree is one such plant
  • It can cure some of the most horrible and dangerous bacterial infections found in the tropics. Wounds, which are prone to contracting bacterial infections in this region, can be effectively cured and protected using this oil. This oil is seldom taken orally, but if you do, it should be in mild concentrations
  • It can cure internal bacterial infections such as those in the colon, stomach, intestines, excretory system, and urinary system
  • It can also be used in treatment of tuberculosis

Stomach Ease Tea

Approx Price: Rs 300 / Pack 
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a condition involving the large intestine that affects many people, especially women
  • Symptoms vary but often include abdominal pain, bloating and stomach cramps, problematic bowel movements and excessive gas
  • Fennel tea has been shown to be one of the premier treatments for IBS
  • The volatile oil compounds in it first help increase the production of gastric juices to get digestion started properly
  • These same compounds then assist in regulating the contractions of the intestines, helping to relieve intestinal cramps and trapped stomach gas

  • Fennel tea is a mild diuretic and can help flush excess water and toxins out of the body
  • Fennel seeds are very high in antioxidants, providing extra protection for your body against free radical cellular damage
  • The health benefits of fennel tea include anti-inflammatory properties and it may benefit people suffering from joint pain and arthritis
  • Drinking this herbal tea can help ease a sore throat, reduce a fever and loosen phlegm from your respiratory system

Side Effects:
  • There have been very few side effects reported with this herb. In fact, it is so safe that weak fennel tea is often given to babies as a treatment for colic
  • It is suggested to talk to your doctor before drinking the tea regularly if you are being treated for breast or ovarian cancer due to a possible (but unproven) mild estrogenic effect
  • Fennel is also not recommended for people prone to seizures or taking seizure medication

Slimming Tea

Approx Price: Rs 250 / Pack 

  • Unlike other methods of weight loss, slimming tea fits into any lifestyle without the need of undergoing any major change
  • Drinking slimming tea on a regular basis speeds up the metabolism to increase fat burning rate in the body
  • It lowers calorie intake and prevents the conversion of carbohydrates and sugars into fat, to reduce fat deposits in the body
  • Catechins present in slimming tea also help to reduce abdominal fat without influencing the absorption of fat soluble vitamins


  • The side effects of drinking slimming tea on an empty stomach -- or even on a full one -- include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, severe stomach cramps and diarrhea
  • The long-term use of slimming teas can lead to chronic constipation, dehydration, fainting, irregular heartbeat and even death, especially among those with eating disorders whose health is already compromised

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Natural Tea

Approx Price: Rs 220 / Pack 
  • Tea is traditionally consumed as a beverage
  • Evidence from clinical trials suggests that green tea plays a role in metabolic syndrome because it may have an impact on body weight, glucose homeostasis, and other cardiovascular risk factors
  • It has yet to be determined whether green tea can help prevent cancer; however, a role in the prevention of stroke has been suggested
  • Topical applications have been studied for protection from ultraviolet damage, and a commercial preparation has been approved for use in the treatment of anogenital warts

  • A daily intake of 3 to 5 cups/day (1,200 mL) of green tea will provide at least 250 mg/day of catechins
  • Green tea extract should not be taken on an empty stomach due to the potential for liver toxicity from excessive levels of epigallocatechin gallate
  • Anogenital warts: topical application of sinecatechins 3 times a day for a maximum of 6 weeks
  • Cardiovascular effect: 400 to 716 mg/day of catechins have been used in trials in divided dosages Diabetes: Dosages of epigallocatechin gallate range from 84 to 386 mg/day in trials evaluating glucose homeostasis
  • Obesity: Dosage ranges used in trials include 270 to 800 mg/day of epigallocatechin gallate, or 125 to 625 mg/day of catechins

Side Effects:
  • There are no reports of clinical toxicity from daily tea consumption as a beverage
  • Adverse events include headache, dizziness, and GI symptoms
  • Liver toxicity, including 1 fatality, has been associated with high plasma levels of epigallocatechin gallate or its metabolites

Moringa Oleifera Tea

Approx Price: Rs 256 / Pack 
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Pack


  • Increased physical energy - Tune your body up with naturally occurring nutrients to make your energy last longer
  • Mental and emotional balance - Moringa oleifera amazingly powerful nutrient compounds help restore stability to the chemicals that govern our thoughts and emotions. You have to experience it to appreciate it!
  • Faster recovery - Moringa oleifera complete amino profile, along with dozens of vitamins and minerals, makes it a perfect recovery food after grueling workouts and physical strain.
  • Nutrient-dense mother's milk - Increased iron, potassium, Vitamins A, B, C, E, and dozens of other important nutrients are all readily absorbed from Moringa oleifera and transferred from mother's milk to the growing newborn. No wonder Moringa is called 'Mother's Best Friend' in cultures across Africa!
  • Healthy blood sugar levels - antioxidants and unique regulating compounds help control blood sugar and keep the blood free of unhealthy substances.



  • There are actually believed to be at least a dozen different varieties of the the moringa tree, but one (moringa oleifera) is by far the most utilized
  • This species of the moringa tree — a fast-growing, tall, leafy plant that produces flowers or pods — has been used by health authorities around the world to help combat symptoms of malnutrition for several decades now
  • And prior to moringa benefits being proven in scientific studies, it was used extensively in traditional medicine practices like Ayurveda medicine for over 4,000 years


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